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Blair Pittman
"If it Ain't the Truth, It Oughtta Be!"
Blair Pittman is an award winning photograher and writer whose works include The Natural World of the Texas Big Thicket, The Stories of  I. C. Eason, King of the Dog People, Tales From the Terlingua Porch, and Texas Caves. 

His photography has been published by Denton Record Chronicle,  Houston Chronicle, National Geographic, Forbes, Texas Monthly, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Smithsonian magazines, among others.

Now, he enters the world of folklore, writing the stories of his beloved West Texas.  He's spent several decades telling and listening to tales on the Terlingua porch.  Tales From The Terlingua Porch (in it's fifth printing!) is a collection of some of those tales, exactly the way he heard them -- with a wink and a grin.

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Greg Smith's update on Blair's recovery

by Jon Blackmon on 05/28/11

From: Gregory Smith <>

Date: May 27, 2011 7:31:32 AM CDT
Subject: Blair Pittman update


Our good friend Blair Pittman finally left a long hospital/therapy stay in Odessa, Texas May 10th assisted by his wonderful wife, Jean-Hardy Pittman, and his long time good friend and mine, Cedric Snyder.  May 16th I joined Cedric and we both went out to put in wheelchair ramps at the Marathon home and at Jean's bookstore in Alpine.  Of course you know flapping jaws here had to supervise Ced because he's such a bad engineer and Ii'm such a great supervisor:)

Blair is now living with his wife Jean in Marathon, Texas for the foreseeable future. His snail mailing address is;

Blair Pittman
P.O. Box 325
Marathon, Texas 79842

I KNOW that he'd love to get a card or letter from any of you out there.  As most of us know, a large part of Blair's life has been to share tales, some being very tall, with old and new friends all over texas but especially out in his loved big bend.  His hospital stay and current health issues have put a crimp in his ability to do that and he misses it very much.  Again, send him a card or letter.  Thank him for letting us use his "mina" bbq pitt and brisket recipes, etc. etc. for the party and give him hell for not showing up at his own party!

His wife, Jean, tells me he's not up to speed yet considering the internet and very frustrated that he is not able to use a computer yet.  You can email him care of his wife at:

If any of you would like to telephone or actually visit blair in marathon, Jean asks that you email (address above) her first and she will follow up with you.  Here is her latest info to me:

Blair makes improvements daily, but his most difficult physical problems stem from his poor lung capacity.  He is on constant oxygen and requires frequent inhalant therapy.  He has no pain, sleeps well, and walks about with a walker and/or uses his wheel chair.  He enjoys television and responds to photography in magazines.  He eats well, and much less than he used to.  He neither smokes nor drinks and doesn't seem to miss these things.  His most frequent complaint is that he is bored and wants to "do something."  He wants to "see people."  He has enjoyed visits from our Marathon friends.  And he will undoubtedly benefit from visits from ANYWHERE!

So from here, I know the family and his friends would appreciate any followup you'd like to do.  All of us who have been close to him for many, many years and I feel Ii have; he's pulled some grand stunts in his life but he really outdid himself this time. Send him a kind word his way.  I think at this time his spirits need a little picking up.

This will probably be my last update on BP's condition. My plan of course is to go back out in person to give him "flapping jaws" grief which all of you know I'm quite good at.

Hope all is well with all of you and have a safe holiday.

Greg Smith

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Terry Anderson and "Big Hat" Dave welcome Blair to the Porch. 
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Left to right, Ken Barnes, Founder/Curator of the Mosasaur Ranch Museum, Blair Pittman, Writer & Photographer & Jim Ezell, Official with the Chili Appreciation Society International
Tales from the Terlingua Porch
by Blair Pttman
The fifth printing of this perennial favorite is now available after an absence of almost a year.
Order Your Copy Here.