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Blair Pittman
"If it Ain't the Truth, It Oughtta Be!"
Blair Pittman is an award winning photograher and writer whose works include The Natural World of the Texas Big Thicket, The Stories of  I. C. Eason, King of the Dog People, Tales From the Terlingua Porch, and Texas Caves. 

His photography has been published by Denton Record Chronicle,  Houston Chronicle, National Geographic, Forbes, Texas Monthly, Texas Parks & Wildlife, and Smithsonian magazines, among others.

Now, he enters the world of folklore, writing the stories of his beloved West Texas.  He's spent several decades telling and listening to tales on the Terlingua porch.  Tales From The Terlingua Porch (in it's fifth printing!) is a collection of some of those tales, exactly the way he heard them -- with a wink and a grin.

BBQ at the Villa De La Mina

Mine entrance at Villa De La Mina
Opera singer in the mine
Eagle Webula
Local Cosmic Connections
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Song is "Terlingua Mi Amigo"
by Dr. Fun

Front Street Books
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"Tales From The Terlingua Porch" Back In Print

by Jon Blackmon on 03/22/12

Tales I is back in print — the 5th printing!  Tales from the Terlingua Porch, $9.95.
Go to www.fsbooks.com to see what we have on the Front Street Books home page.  Wholesale inquirers please contact Blair at jhp@fsbooks.com

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1. Dex Tooke said on 8/13/14 - 12:45PM
Mr. Pittman, I am race director for an ultra bicycle race called No Country for Old Men. http://dextooke.wix.com/ultradex#!ncom-home/c1nbj It is a 1000 mile bicycle race through the rugged Big Bend, Terlingua, Ft. Davis, Alpine, Marathon region. I am preparing a route book for the race that will include folklore of the region. One of the items I would like to include in the route book is about 'the dogs of Terlingua'. I would appreciate if you would share any folklore, tales, stories (If it ain't the truth, it oughtta be!). Thank you for your consideration. dextooke@gmail.com ultradex.net Dex Tooke 132 S. Bayview Del Rio, TX. 78840 830-313-6453

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Terry Anderson and "Big Hat" Dave welcome Blair to the Porch. 
Wonderful smiles.
Blair and Betty Moore at the Starlight Theatre, September 4, 2011
Ring Huggins brought Blair to the Porch Sept. 4, 2011
Blair and Laird at the Starlight Theatre, September 4, 2011
Blair Pittman, June 26, 2011.  Lookin' good!June 26, 2011Sept. 4, 2011Thanksgiving 2011 at the Starlight Theatre
Desert Mountains - Hidden Dreams
Blair Pittman Thanksgiving 2011 photo collage
by Terry Anderson
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Our home at 409 N. 6th Street, Alpine, TX 79830
"Uh Clem" listens to a story on the porch.
A Meeting of the Minds
Left to right, Ken Barnes, Founder/Curator of the Mosasaur Ranch Museum, Blair Pittman, Writer & Photographer & Jim Ezell, Official with the Chili Appreciation Society International
Tales from the Terlingua Porch
by Blair Pttman
The fifth printing of this perennial favorite is now available after an absence of almost a year.
Order Your Copy Here.